About Us


Founded in 1998 by David Moross, Falconhead Capital focuses on companies in the sports, media & entertainment; recreational equipment & apparel; personal care & wellness; food & beverage; and consumer services sectors. We look to partner with outstanding management teams who are focused on long-term value creation. Falconhead makes investments where we can serve as an active, value-added investor. We seek to deploy $10 million to $100 million of equity per platform business.


Unlike many traditional investment firms, which rely on financial engineering to produce returns, Falconhead has generated its returns by helping to build great businesses. The Falconhead team has significant experience financing, operating, founding, and growing successful companies. We take a proactive approach to value creation by targeting transactions in niche growth verticals where we can leverage our substantial financial, operational, and strategic resources to help management teams pursue growth opportunities and other value building strategies. Falconhead seeks to invest in companies where we can:

  • Develop and support new revenue growth strategies
  • Pursue add-on acquisitions
  • Leverage our strategic relationships
  • Make high level sales contacts on the company’s behalf
  • Support technology and infrastructure upgrades

Investment Criteria

We invest in profitable, high-growth potential, consumer-oriented companies.
Typical transactions have been characterized by:

  • Higher than average growth rates with multiple growth opportunities
  • Favorable, long-term demographic trends
  • Category defining brands
  • Emerging products or services with a proven business model
  • Consolidation opportunities in fragmented markets